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About Soudi

Dr. Soudi is a sociolinguist interested in the interplay between language and society and the way people use language in different social settings. In reality, we all practice "sociolinguistics" on a daily basis because we use language in different ways to construct social meaning, negotiate identity, interact with others and adapt to different situations. However, a sociolinguist has the expertise to put it all under a microscope and parse how it works qualitatively and quantitatively. 
Dr. Soudi's area of expertise include: Conversation Analysis, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Arabic Linguistics,  Electronic Health Records, Human-Computer Interface, and Cultural Competency in medical practice. 

Soudi is passionate about teaching humanities and social sciences and firmly believes that they are vital to an informed and engaged society. He is also passionate about preparing his students and interns for challenging careers where both humanities and social sciences  are part of the solution, training them in a structured and supportive environment, and strengthening his institution's industry partnerships for the greater benefit of everyone.

University of Pittsburgh

Sociolinguist, Program Advisor, Course Director  

Dr. Soudi is a Sociolinguist recognized for several scholarly accomplishments in Conversation Analysis, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Arabic Linguistics,  Electronic Health Records, Cultural Competency in medical practice, as well as a  commitment to continually developing his teaching practice and enabling his students to access opportunities beyond the classroom through his Humanities at Work initiative.  He directs the Linguistics Internship Program, ...

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