About Soudi


Dr. Soudi is a sociolinguist interested in the interplay between language and society and the way people use language in different social settings. In reality, we all practice "sociolinguistics" on a daily basis because we use language in different ways to construct social meaning, negotiate identity, interact with others and adapt to different situations. However, a sociolinguist has the expertise to put it all under a microscope and parse how it works qualitatively and quantitatively. Dr. Soudi's area of expertise include: Conversation Analysis, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Arabic Linguistics,  Electronic Health Records, Human-Computer Interface, and Cultural Competency in medical practice

Soudi is passionate about teaching humanities and social sciences and firmly believes that they are vital to an informed and engaged society. He is also passionate about preparing his students and interns for challenging careers where both humanities and social sciences  are part of the solution, training them in a structured and supportive environment, and strengthening his institution's industry partnerships for the greater benefit of everyone.


He has partnered with the School of Medicine, School of Education, Business School, the School of Computing and Information, community organizations, and industry partners to research across traditional academic lines and to lead several conferences and projects (topics have included: humanities in health, cultural and linguistic diversity, family and healthy U, and most recently, Humanities at Work in the Community, Health, and Tech Industry). His diverse personal and interdisciplinary experiences have contributed to his approach to research and teaching, building an open and safe learning environment for his students, and work with under-served and diverse communities.

Soudi lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and two children (Binney Aicha and Laith Mubarack). He grew up in a remote village in the southern part of Morocco where water and electricity were not the norm, and comes from a family of nine children. His parents are illiterate. Learning and teaching are not only important, but defining aspects of his life.

Awards and Service 

With a true dedication to sharing knowledge, he has educated and inspired countless people inside and outside of the classroom. His approach to diversity in teaching, research, and service has been recognized several times. He was honored to be a recipient of the 2017 Inaugural Diversity in the Curriculum Award which showcases excellence in creating a learning environment for students that recognizes diversity and is inclusive of all.


He is also a winner of the first ever Pitt seed grant for a proposal that contributes directly and actively to Pitt's strategic transformation.


Soudi serves on the board of directors for the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute. He has recently served as a mentor for refugees and immigrants, Allegheny County Department of Human Services. He is a member of the Dietrich School Faculty Diversity Committee, ad hoc Chair of the Moroccan Cultural Committee, and he is very engaged with his children's school. Soudi and his wife are members of the Chancellor's Circle at Pitt.